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Patient Reviews

"Caryn is simply the best! I visited three physical therapy practices over the course of two years to find relief and heal from an upper trapezius muscle strain. Not one therapist was able to provide full relief, even after several weeks of treatment. I thought perhaps there was something else that was wrong with me. So I consulted with a very well-known functional orthopedic doctor. This doctor gave me two choices after my thorough visit and based on test results: 1. Do a course of physical/manual therapy by going to see Caryn or 2. Have injections and wait and see.  I opted for manual physical therapy and decided this would be the last try.  I’m so glad I did.


Caryn provided the best manual therapy I have ever experienced.  She is extremely thorough, super patient and genuinely cares for her patients. You never feel rushed.  Her appointments are about 90 minutes long but she will go longer, if necessary, to make sure she doesn’t miss anything.  She is a true professional and knows the body well.  She finds out exactly how to relieve your pain: no guessing games. I confidently state this because after a couple visits with Caryn, I felt relief I had not felt in two full years.  Eventually, the pain went away completely, and I was healed.  I was able to resume regular workouts and with Caryn’s intelligent guidance and knowledge I figured out ways to remain in good alignment, form, and remain healthy.  
In addition, Caryn treated my son, a soccer athlete, who suffered a knee injury during a game. A local pediatric orthopedic doctor said that my son needed surgery for a meniscus tear.  Caryn recommended that we see a top orthopedic doctor, with whom she has worked with, from New York City, for a second opinion.  This doctor did not believe there was a meniscus tear and felt that my son needed proper bracing for a period of time and physical and manual therapy as Caryn already knew he needed.  My son healed quickly and was able to participate in a fast-approaching soccer tournament overseas.  Caryn is worth every second and every penny.  My family and I could not be more grateful for knowing her and having her take such amazing care of us.  Thank you, Caryn, we are so happy to call you our family’s physical therapist."


- Diana D.

"Caryn has been my physical therapist for 10 years. I have lower back pain that flares up now and then. Whenever that happens I see Caryn as soon as possible because I know I will feel better at the end of my first visit. 


Recently, during the Covid-19 lockdown, my back pain was very bad. Because I work at home now and am not commuting daily, I am sitting for many more hours than usual. I knew I couldn’t see Caryn in person. She offered to treat me via Telehealth with a video appointment. 


I was skeptical but went with it because there was no other choice and I desperately needed help. I was amazed at how well it worked! She was able to evaluate my condition and determine what I needed to do to find relief. She instructed me on self-correction and gentle exercises. She clearly explained what we were going to do and what I needed to do on my own. The only thing she required was to be able to see my body during our appointment. I was really pleased and just like an in-person experience, I began to feel better immediately.


I continued to self-correct and did the prescribed exercises until I could see Caryn again. Knowing that she is available by video gives me peace of mind especially during this trying time."


- Toby F.

"Caryn treated me for both shoulder and glute issues. I work out and play tennis often and felt increasing pain in my shoulder and along my glute and hamstring. Caryn was thorough and identified how the years of poor weightlifting and posture have started to take their toll on my ageing body (50 this year yikes). She clearly developed and helped implement a stretching and strength training (not those large, beach body bulk muscles) that has led to better sleep and performance. My flexibility has a way to go but I am more nimble than ever thanks to her. Caryn is professional, friendly, and her facility is excellent. Highly recommended - thank you Caryn!"


- Luis C.

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