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Telehealth Physical Therapy

Telehealth Physical Therapy is rehabilitation and injury prevention provided via an electronic device in a video or audio format. Studies have shown that virtual care can be as effective as in-person care.

Telehealth PT

During a telehealth physical therapy session you will be asked questions regarding when your pain began, the mechanism of injury, the location of your pain, what movements and activities exacerbate your pain and what activities or movements alleviate your pain.


You will then be evaluated for alignment, posture, body mechanics, range of motion, movement patterns and balance to determine the source of your symptoms. A medical history will be taken. These evaluative procedures will determine what interventions will be needed.


Following the assessment, you will be guided in self-mobilization techniques to address deficits and be provided with exercises that will help resolve issues. In addition, recommendations for modifications in daily activities will be offered to help accelerate healing. You will also be sent written descriptions of self-care activities and home exercises.

Through weekly sessions you will progress to meet your goals and return to full function.

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Private & Semi-Private Sessions

As with physical therapy, with private telewellness injury prevention you will initially be evaluated for past medical and injury history, alignment, posture, range of motion, strength, muscle length, balance, body mechanics, motor control and also agility, power and endurance. 


An exercise program will be designed to address deficits identified during the evaluation that will help you to meet your goals. As you become stronger you will find that you will be able to apply the progress you have made to other exercise, sports or dance activities.


To sign up or learn more about private or semi-private telewellness sessions, please contact Caryn Bregman.

Group Sessions

Renaissance also offers group injury prevention fitness classes virtually through Zoom. There are several types of classes offered, including:

  • Upper extremity strengthening

  • Lower extremity strengthening

  • Core strengthening

  • Specialty classes on Back Health

  • Fitness for running and tennis

  • Repetitive Stress Injury Prevention

To sign up for group classes, click the button below!

Pilates Stretches

Telewellness Injury Prevention Fitness Program

Telewellness Injury Prevention is provided virtually via an electronic device in video or audio format. Studies have shown that virtual care can be as effective as in-person care.

Inj. Prevention
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