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Orthopedic Physical Therapy Practice

An Individualized Approach

to Physical Wellness & Care

At Renaissance Physical Therapy Arts + Wellness, each person who seeks guidance for resolving physical issues and returning to wellness has a unique story to share.


Renaissance’s goal & mission is to partner with you to help you resolve and understand your injuries, address your limitations, get stronger, and empower you to return to what you love to do. 


Physical Therapy Services


Back, Neck & Joint Pain

Sports & Dance Injuries

Pre & Post Operative Patients

Repetitive Stress Injuries

Injury Prevention Practices


Other Services

Injury Prevention Fitness Program

Learn to exercise safely and get in shape. Private and group exercise classes offered.

Consulting Services

In addition to quality in office and virtual physical therapy outside consulting services are offered.

Public Speaking & Guest Writing

Caryn Bregman is available for speaking engagements, media appearances, or article commentary.

Patient Reviews

"Caryn is simply the best! I visited three physical therapy practices over the course of two years to find relief and heal from an upper trapezius muscle strain... she provided the best manual therapy I have ever experienced. She is extremely thorough, super patient and genuinely cares for her patients..."

- Diana D.

"Caryn has been my physical therapist for 10 years. I have lower back pain that flares up now and then. Whenever that happens I see Caryn as soon as possible because I know I will feel better at the end of my first visit..."

- Toby F.

"Caryn treated me for both shoulder and glute issues. I work out and play tennis often and felt increasing pain in my shoulder and along my glute and hamstring. Caryn was thorough and identified how the years of poor weightlifting and posture have started to take their toll on my aging body (50 this year yikes)."

- Luis C.

No-Pain Exercise Blog

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