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What is Your Best Body?

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

What is your best body?  Whether you are a professional or recreational athlete, a newcomer to exercise or someone with a chronic condition your best body is:

  • A body where you feel no pain

  • A body where you can do everyday activities with joy and ease

  • A body where you feel energized throughout the day, not just when you exercise

  • A body that you feel confident and beautiful (or handsome)

How to attain your best body:

  • Exercise at a challenging but appropriate level for your ability at least three times a week.

  • Exercise in efficient alignment using proper body mechanics.

  • Avoid behaviors that are proven to be deleterious including:

    • Prolonged sitting (get up frequently throughout the day and if you have to sit do so in an efficient alignment).

    • Smoking: In addition to all of the well-known risks of smoking including the risk of Cancer and heart disease, smoking slows down healing which is essential with exercise

    • Spending too much time on technology devices

    • Poor eating and nutrition

    • Exercising at intensities that are too difficult for you

    • Using recreational drugs or alcohol irresponsibly

For those battling with the daily struggles of a chronic condition more and more research indicates that exercise, done efficiently, results in decreased pain and improved function.

Now it is the time to realize that you can achieve your best body in a sensible and realistic way.

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